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WebMar 11,  · Na skutek akcji z GameStop, WallStreetBets również odczuł ciepło na plecach. ($ in billions) - without effect of redemption of. Citron Capital and Melvin Capital—the latter, the main loser. Even Tesla billionaire Elon Musk got involved, cheering on the WallStreetBets.


WebApr 28,  · WallStreetBets'in kurucusu Jaime Rogozinski, işe yaramazdu hisset. Redditowe forum na krótko przeniosło się w prywatne miejsce 27 stycznia, a.WebJan 28,  · On Thursday, r/WallStreetBets, whose members call themselves "degenerates", was briefly made invite-only — obscuring the subreddit for a time before it returned. WebFeb 4,  · Reddit'te 'den bu yana faaliyet gösteren WallStreetBets başlığını takip eden neredeyse 4 milyon kullanıcı var. In this article, I'll show you: → what happened in the stock market recently, → why it happened, and. It's a Reddit community centered around picking stocks on apps like the video game-like Robinhood. 'lerin devreye girmesi, bir yan koşma olarak Jaime Rogozinski. Here's how GameStop has fallen nearly 84% so far this week, although it is up almost % year-to. WebJan 27,  · The current scoreboard on the Reddit meme stock war here. WebFeb 4,  · Wall Street is keeping very close tabs on WallStreetBets.

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Last week, the short squeeze forced hedge fund Melvin Capital to secure a more than $2 billion bailout. WebFeb 4,  · GameStop has fallen nearly 84% so far this week, although it is up almost % year-to-date. WebFeb 4,  · The company now has the support of million WallStreetBets members as potential customers, many of whom are also the primary customers for its gaming. WebFeb 1,  · It's a cold day in hell when Ted Cruz and AOC agree on anything, but here we are. İnsanlar burada finansal gelişmeler ve hisse. Forum itu berpindah dari halaman depan Reddit ke. WebFeb 9,  · WallStreetBets (WSB) is a more obscure beast. Reddit: 1, Hedge Fund Antagonists: 0.

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Being long GameStop I figured I'd provide some of the reasoning behind my investment thesis. → what to. The subreddit's Discord chat. WebFeb 1,  · WallStreetBets menjadi sorotan utama, di mana forum di dalam media sosial Reddit ini menjadi dalangnya. WebJan 28,  · Bir Reddit WallStreetBets kullanıcısı neden GameStop wallstreetbets neden gamestopa yatırım yaptı hissesini satın aldığını açıklıyor - Quartz. 01/28/ Bitcoin Ethereum Haberleri. En ilk değil. WebHey everyone, GameStop, WallStreetBets, Robinhood, and more. WebMar 18,  · WallStreetBets is a name that was often seen trending on Twitter last year, rising in popularity during the pandemic after social-media-fuelled trading led to wild. WebJan 25,  · If there's one post to read from WallStreetBets to explain how GameStop shares went from single digit prices in September to $ in January it's "Bankrupting.

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They. WebGameStop Investment Thesis. WebFeb 1,  · US-based video games retailer GameStop has found itself at the center of a trading frenzy, causing its share price to rise from $18 at the start of the month to a peak.